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Guide to Shopping in Consignment Stores


Fashion is a fast paced industry. Trends are always changing. Every year, new designers are being discovered during fashion week and a very important part of this creative world is street style.


It is a wonder how some people can dress so fabulously and purchase amazing high end brands and designer pieces.


Some of these people are really wealthy and can afford clothing or shoes worth thousands of dollars. But, there are also people who are not that wealthy but can dress fabulously because they are merely creative and resourceful ones.


You have to become smart and creative if you are not wealthy enough to afford a thousand dollar pair of shoes. But, if you are a fashionista and love to wear the latest trend, you can change your life by discovering the world of consignment and how it works.


What then is a consignment store?


This type of store is a place where they resell gently used baby clothes, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. There are consignment stores that carry mall brands. Others carry high end designer brands. And there are those that carry both. Consignment stores usually carry both and it sells 75% off of retail.


The person who consigns is the consigner. This person can have access to a large quantity of unique merchandise, brands from around the world, and can make money by consigning and recycling their own pieces.


People will usually find some high end designer shoes in a consignment store for a few hundred dollars, when they actually cost almost a thousand on a retail store.


Consignment stores mostly operate with a percentage. When a consignor brings consignment pieces, they will give a price to each item. If an item is prices under a hundred dollars, then the consigner gets 40%. So if a designer item sells for $30 then the consignor gets $12.


Fifty percent is given to a consignor is the items is priced from a hundred to five hundred dollars. And items from five hundred to a thousand dollars will give a consignor 60%. Items from a thousand up give the consignor 75% commission. The higher the price of the item, the higher the commission of the consignor is.


Designer items from around the world are brought it by consignors. Low prices are given for unique pieces. With consignment stores around the globe becoming popular nowadays, they are offering the options of online shopping.


Affordable stores like consignment shops that sell clothes online make it easy to have access to high end designer brands and low end brands. Unique merchandise is offered in consignment shops because they only have one of a kind item, so everything is original. You can have pleasure shopping in a consignment world because you will discover amazing and unique items for way less.